This American Life Identity

This American Life is a weekly radio program which features fascinating documentary stories. The show’s theme, and correspondingly its tone, changes every week. I created a flexible identity system, inspired by the dynamic nature of the show. The concept for the logo revolves around the soundwave, which would change every week based on the actual sound waveform created by host Ira Glass saying “This American Life” in introducing the show.

This American Life Logo iteration

A portion of the logo would change on a weekly basis

This American Life Business Card Concept

Business card concept, in which each employee would have a unique business card, marked with a soundwave created by their voice.

This American Life Donation Campaign

Collateral for a donation campaign gifts, at varying donation levels. At higher donation levels, donors could get a tote with a personalized logo

This American Life Mobile App

App concept, designed to allow listeners to listen to live and archived shows, as well as create their own version of the This American Life Logo