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Reflect App

Reflect is a conceptual app which helps users achieve a greater sense of self-understanding by encouraging them to reflect on the events and emotions they experience. The app enables users to create entries, twice daily, in which they record their mood; energy level; a short summary of events; and any immediate reactions they may have to those events. Users can then revisit past entries and log additional reflections. An analysis dashboard allows users to view their emotions and energy states over time. By analyzing these records they can start to see patterns, finding causes and their effects. Users will gain a better awareness of themselves by learning about their own thoughts, emotions, and reactions. This project will continue to be updated.

Reflect App Onboarding

The onboarding process enables users to schedule their daily reminder times, to help them remember to make their two entries. They also set a passcode to protect the privacy of their entires.

Reflect App Onboarding Screen 2

The onboarding process summarizes the quick settings the user chose, and prompts them to make their first entry.

In New Entry  users can enter their mood and energy levels on a sliding (Likert) scale and to enter a record of events from this half of their day. They are also encouraged to enter any immediate reflections. Each of these steps is broken up into its own screen following the “one thing per screen” paradigm. This strategy helps keeps user attention focused on one task, and avoids overwhelming them with content.

Reflect App New Entry Screens

Users receive a supportive message once they have successfully submitted an entry.  This lets them know that the everything went smoothly, and also serves as positive reinforcement, encouraging them to keep the entry-making habit.

Reflect App Past Entries Screen

Users are able to look more closely at their past entries to remember events and feelings of the day, as well as add any new reflections they may have about those events.

Reflect App Analysis and Menu Screens

The Analysis screen enables users to get an overview of their mood and energy ratings for this week, as well as look at summaries of previous weeks. They  are able to customize the dashboard to view ratings during intervals that are of most interest to them. Importantly it also provides a friendly, easy to read and understand summary of their mood and energy levels, along with an individualized analysis and tips for maintaining and improving their emotional wellbeing.

Reflect App Overview

A number of process images follow. After doing research on other apps, summarizing user needs based on interviews, and creating a list of features, I set out to create an overview of the app’s structure and hierarchy.

Reflect App Entry User Flow
Reflect App Wireframe for Past Screen

Wireframing the screens helped me figure out the general layout structure of the app. The iterations also helped me realize when items or even whole screens were not necessary.

Reflect App Wireframe Enter Screen
Reflect App Prototypes for the Past Screen

Prototyping the Past Entries screen.