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CCAM Identity and Website

The Center for Collaborative Arts and Media is a newly re-formed center at Yale University, dedicated to arts research, and interdisciplinary collaboration. I created the identity for the center based on the architectural lattice I noticed on the center’s building. The new mark serves as a vehicle for showcasing all of the dynamic and innovative art coming out of the center, while anchoring it in the building’s rich history. I also designed a responsive website, which allowed the CCAM to put its events and programing in the forefront, and enables users to learn about and engage with the center. This project was completed at HvAD with art direction by Henk van Assen.



A few process photos. The logo is based on the building’s facade. Fun fact, this building was once a bakery, as well as the university’s printing press.

CCAM Website Homepage

CCAM Website Page on Laptop and Phone

CCAM Website Example Pages

Wireframe sketches and style guides, showing the process of designing the website to be responsive and work on multiple screen sizes.

I created a number of animations for the Center’s dedication ceremony.

CCAM Opening Night Event
CCAM Opening Night Cupcakes

An edible user interaction